006771as.mp3   7.1 s82 KB A liitle brook
  007782_s.mp3   7.2 s94 KB A spring
  008342as.mp3   3.0 s33 KB Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus)
  008361as.mp3   39.5 s340 KB Birds in summer forest
  008624as.mp3   29.7 s356 KB Summer meadow
  009141as.mp3   17.6 s204 KB Toads (Bombina)
  009143_s.mp3   10.1 s111 KB A liitle brook
  009678_s.mp3   11.1 s123 KB July shower
  010114as.mp3   27.7 s317 KB Drops in a cave
  010612as.mp3   6.8 s78 KB Brook
  010893_s.mp3   5.4 s60 KB Brook under ice
  010909_s.mp3   5.7 s64 KB Brook under ice
  010915_s.mp3   7.5 s82 KB Brook under ice
  011327ah.mp3   5.1 s57 KB Forest brook
  011483as.mp3   3.4 s38 KB Birds in field edge
  011484_s.mp3   28.4 s342 KB Birds in field edge
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