Velikáni říše rostlinné (Giants of Vegetable Kingdom) is an interesting old little book by an excellent Czech botanist of the first half of the previous century - Karel Domin (1882-1953). It´s a non-fiction publication dealing with extraordinary large plants, especially woods; it was published in Prague, probably in 1910.

My copy is not evidently in original binding (138 * 189 mm), sizes of pages are 130 * 183 mm; the scanner HP Scanjet 4890 was applied to obtain digital files.

To view this book in the browser click on the left on the shelfback picture; to download it in better resolution (pages 560 * 840 px) in one ZIP file (complete scan, including also binding and empty pages) click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Karel Domin : Velikáni říše rostlinné (ZIP - 8 704 kB)
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