We made these pages as unified setting to release all our work. Old pages will be left in present form and won´t be changed anymore. “Another pages” is the entrance to these pages. The history of pages will appear after click below. You can order receiving news about updating by filling in simple form and sending it. If you are on list, you can download some files (for example photos) in higher quality. Contents, graphics and design of these pages are original and therefore we reserve the copyright for everything released here. You can freely and without charge use, circulate and change for non–commercial applications everything here. Commercial use without our permission is forbidden.
Authors: our names are Petr and Monika (see photo) and we are from Czechlands. Please, send all questions and remarks by the form below.
The pages are optimalised for the resolution 1024x768 pixels, 16,7 M colours. Both, good working and shape are tested on Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. Pages would be perfectly displayed in all browsers supporting the cascade styles and tag iframe. Scripts, cookies and another more sophisticated elements are not used on these pages.
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